Importance of Number Porting and Call Forwarding

With the recent focus on calls in businesses, business owners look for every convenient method to ensure no call goes unattended. Number porting and call forwarding have become two options to ensure this happens. Due to their nearing similar functionalities, people interchange these two features, and they end up using an unsuitable option between the two.

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Why VOIP system is vital For small business?

Communication is an imperative part of many businesses from newly-established and small business to multinational companies. Nowadays, there are lots of ways for businesses to efficiently communicate, but what has emerged as the most preferred method of communication is undeniably the VoIP phone system.

Or otherwise the voice over internet protocol is a vital term utilized to describe the transmission of phone calls with the aid of the data network, despite of over traditional telephone lines.

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Session Initiating Protocol and its functioning

Session Initiation Protocol

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has been defined in the era of H323 protocol suite, where people were longing for one protocol that will encapsulate and unify the communication protocols. This is factual though some of us are yet to understand how it works.

Being close to PSTN/POTS telephony in the years of the VOIP, makes it ideal for telephony vendors who captivate from the gap between telecom companies prices and the cheap Internet prices. The price gap allows vendors to step in to the telecom arena, offer some discount, and earn big commission on the margins.

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